E-Z UP® Instant Shelters®

E-Z UP, the #1 Instant Shelter® Brand in the World, offers the highest quality portable shelters, tents, canopies, flags, banners, inflatables and more.

STOCK: Top of the line, recreational grade and commercial grade shelters and accessories listed below are kept in-stock and available for purchase online. If a product or color that you are interested in is currently not listed or shown as sold out, please contact our Order Desk for quick and "E-Z" fulfillment.

CUSTOM: E-Z UP's custom printing capabilities are recognized as the industry best. For more information on ordering custom pop-up tents please click on the 'Custom Branding' banner below or view the entire range of E-Z UP branding solutions available in the product catalogue.

E-Z UP Hints and Tips, Shelter Set-Up (watch below): For a complete library of E-Z UP Product, Hints and Tips Videos please visit the E-Z UP YouTube Channel.